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Thread: Interesting observations

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    Interesting observations

    I’m currently the underboss in a friends empire and through playing around in the settings I discovered that if you try to demote a regular member the “player was demoted” message still appears in empire chat but nothing else appears to happen as you can’t be demoted below regular member. In truth I was expecting to get some sort of error message but I guess the devs may not have ever considered the possibility of a regular member being demoted.

    So obviously, for the sake of science I decided I needed to discover how far I could take this so I decided to demote one of my own minis into oblivion (six consecutive times) and then promote it to see what would happen and the promotion worked fine so then he got demoted again, for the seventh time.

    Additionally, if the underboss attempts to demote the leader you get the message “You cannot demote a Manager. That would be mutiny! The manager needs to promote the underboss instead.” I thought the addition of “That would be mutiny!” was an amusing touch that many people may never see.

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    Re: Interesting observations

    I never tried demoting the leader when I was UB - you're right, most would never see that.

    As for regular members, I did it once when attempting to demote an officer - their main and alt were same level with similar names. When I realized it allowed me to demote the regular member I remember thinking to myself "To what? Janitor?!" and scrolling to see if they had any sort of new flair to mark the drop in rank. I was disappointed to not see a mop where the star or hooks usually are.

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    Re: Interesting observations

    I assumed people wouldn’t have seen the message from trying to demote the leader of an empire because there probably aren’t many empires out there where the UB could start randomly promoting and demoting people just for the sake of finding out what might happen.

    When I discovered demoting regular members I think my thought process was somewhat similar to yours - I think being able to demote one player per empire to “janitor” would be hilarious, I’d wear it as a badge of honour - except I think I took it a couple of steps further when I decided to demote my mini multiple times to see if anything would happen.

    But it does make me curious about wether there are other obscure tidbits in this game that might have only ever been seen by a handful of people.

    The only other thing I can think of that might meet that criteria is that if you try to use adrenaline rush when it’s already active you get a pop-up saying “You cannot handle any more adrenaline rush!” But I’m pretty sure several people would already be aware of that one.
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