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Thread: Android 7.0 bugs

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    Android 7.0 bugs


    I just wanted to share bugs that i face on Android 7.0 hoping that some of them may be fixed as they really take away a big chunk of pleasure from playing the game.

    1. Emojis. - I neither can see or type emojis in game chat which is really annoying especialy when nicknames contain them - ir can really ruin the communication. I don't have any problems with emojis in any other app on my phone.

    2. Scrolling through pvp list or lieutenants list or any other lists (standard view EvE building, event releated list etc.) cause crashes very very often - in more than 50% of tries.

    Can any Dev please adress these two issues?

    I play on samsung galaxy s7 SM-G930F
    with english language set as default and on default configuration.


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    Re: Android 7.0 bugs

    The scrolling crash isn't limited to android 7 - all my droids do it.

    It's appears to time out or stall and be unable to recover so it hangs. Sometimes happens in a similar way when traversing areas of the game that causes the bottom buttons to refresh. I see 1/2 of them populate in the animation and stop in mid motion. Same with PvP at times. You do the 1st hit and the screen changes to the fight, partially populates and hangs. Really frustrating when you have been (at peril of hanging) refreshing a fight list and dangerously scrolling through searching for a badge worthy of hitting.

    As far as scrolling goes, my near-full ally list is likely the worst offender and looking at profiles (self/other) is second though it can happen in any scroll. A building stacked with offense targets can do it, looking through the leaders section under empire home, viewing the public boss lists, etc.

    Something just seems to happen in lists especially if you scroll to the threshold of an incompletely loaded section. (Example: If viewing a profile as it is populating, if you scroll too far and it hasn't retrieved that data yet, the whole works often crashes right there.)

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    Re: Android 7.0 bugs

    Any chance for an answer?

    I cant see nicknames because of emoji bug. It's making the game really hard to play as I can't really point anyone.

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    Re: Android 7.0 bugs

    The game does't even start with Android 7.0 Nougat. That is really disappointing!

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