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Thread: Heist event and no parts

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    Re: Heist event and no parts

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr death View Post
    Since NONE of you likely served in the military, 1900 hours is 7PM. The West Coast US time as of this post is 7:30PM. The event still has not started.
    I donít see how people having served in the military is that relevant. Itís not as if you need any special knowledge or training to understand 24h time and in many countries itís used more commonly than 12 hour time.

    That said, there is evidently a lot of confusion over the start time of the event and that ultimately falls back on the devs.

    For other events (and promos) weíve always have a countdown so we know when the event is active and how long there is to go and there doesnít appear to be any rational reason for insignia events to be the exception.

    Also to everyone saying they donít usually speak up when they notice stuff ups like this because they donít expect anything to come of it, thatís somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. If everyone adopted that mentality then no-one would ever say anything and if no-one says anything of course nothing would change. At the other end of the spectrum, if the whole community collectively spoke up about something the chance of an official response would be much higher. If done appropriately it may also be valuable info for the devs which would benefit them and us.

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    Re: Heist event and no parts

    Quote Originally Posted by chelsea View Post
    Similar threads merged. Cheers.
    OK Thanx, this is much better.
    I deleted Mobile Mob's triple posts.

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    Re: Heist event and no parts

    @ duke
    does the drop rate decreases the higher your max stamina is ?.
    what are the chances to drop a part when hitting with 80 stamina at once on a toon with max 1500 st?
    bcz it looks odd to me, not dropping any part in 10-15 hits in a row several times . thanks

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