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Thread: My thoughts on UE in 2017

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    My thoughts on UE in 2017

    For the past 4-5 years I've seen plenty of apps getting modernized and having gamechanging updates. UE is not one of them. UE has gotten some new items, chem packs, heists, and events, but overall it feels stale and old and every update further reflects this. Playing EvE feels like a chore. Collecting property $, donating to empire, upgrading insignias, switching LTs in and out, combining/fusing LTs, and even spending my energy/stamina all feels SLOW and CLUNKY. Like when I switch Scarlet or Reaper in and out, it takes me like 15 seconds just to do something as useless as putting their skins back on. Removing and attaching insignias to a loadout can literally take upwards of 15 minutes. Daily login did get buffed but you still only get something worthwhile every 10th day. Now we have this hunting range update coming out soon but I know it's nothing revolutionary.

    Personally it's for these reasons why I've for the most part stopped spending. I don't know if anyone else feels this way but I just dream of a UE where everything loads much faster, has no popups, be able to touch and drag LTs into their seats instead of having to slowly choose options, and maybe the rare and epic LTs have voiceovers. In its current state, to me, even though I still love UE, it doesn't feel like a game worth spending on and I'm even hesitant to spend on many of the promos now. What we need are some real updates, not more cashgrabs. And btw I'm an IOS user, so if I think things are relatively slow I can only imagine what android users must feel.
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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    Iím torn, as some of the long term forums members may know. I am one of the most outspoken critics that you can get around this game and pre Gaea I voiced them often.

    Since I tend to see a lot more vision and progress within the game.

    It still annoys me the speed at which things more, but with duke stating in the past that the code in certain places are a mess, I can understand why it seems really slow.

    At some point they have to introduce a new game mechanic maybe new content is that, but just another tap tap no strategy addition wonít cut it for me.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I srarted playing Star Wars, Galaxy of Heroes this year and coming back to UE after an hour or so playing that is like stepping back into the stone age.

    I would of given up UE many years ago if it wasnt for the time and in the past money invested into my build. I continue playing in the hope some revolutionary update will be rolled out. Unfortunately we dont seem to be anything close to this.

    On a positive note the mini events have been a nice touch this year inbetween main events. New insignias are nice also.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I do not know why I should attend EvE. Getting a better season ending does not mean anything. Even if it does, it is mostly determined by the last 8-10 wars' results.

    Bossing is boring with very little benefits.

    PvP is time consuming. Most of the players I attack have life for 20 stamina hits.

    The problem is, I have no idea how they can change the monotone structure of this game.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    Check the help section on Hunting

    Sounds interesting?

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I still love it. Not sure if its the routine, or maybe cause im not in one of the top empires fighting wars that seem crazy lopsided or hopeless. We still have epic battles where we barely pull the win out or beat teams that are years older and far more powerful. Maybe im slightly addicted. But ive been playing for about 2 and a half years and i like it still.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulu View Post
    Check the help section on Hunting

    Sounds interesting?
    It does sound interesting, actually.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulu View Post
    Check the help section on Hunting

    Sounds interesting?
    Sounds expensive, looks like now you going to have to spend fp everyday.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilolbs View Post
    Sounds expensive, looks like now you going to have to spend fp everyday.
    You donít have to spend FP on any day.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I welcome all the new content. Yet I tend to agree that EvE etc normal day grinding is getting boring. There's a good amount of events now but I feel the pace is too fast.

    Let's see what's this hunting thing is. If it's another click fest then it's just adding to the grind. Sometimes I want to have all daily tasks done asap. I know it's not always possible though. One thing the devs could do is to change the respect system. I hate it so much that one has to try remember the time you last paid respect. Make it work like one daily task. Just have a one day window to do it. No need to remember exact times.

    Also release more loadouts. 5 isn't sufficient. Or rethink the lieutenant interface. I need to constantly go shuffle lieutenants if I want to make good use of them. It's fun once. Then it gets boring why I don't do it so much anymore.

    Yeah and I see popups were mentioned. Lol. This is annoying especially in EvE. Need to get that demo token in but these popups get in the way. Yes it's possible to play but it is annoying.

    Don't get me wrong. I still like UE. I just wish they would pay more attention to the interface and playability. Also as someone said more strategy=thinking instead of just mindless clicking.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I just wish they would introduce a quick and fast eve option where players who want to have eve can just join a game any time they’ve want. Like a random 10-15 min eve with fast tokens and random players looking for an eve fight. Basically a uwe version of moba. Have a shop where players can then spend eve coins for lts gear items etc.

    Have mini weekend mini eve tournaments etc. So many ways to get the game going. Sadly after so long it is frustrating to not see real change but only more grind and bad rng again and again. But let’s see what comes down the line. Fingers crossed.

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    Re: My thoughts on UE in 2017

    I would agree would most things said here. Yeah itís getting pretty quiet and slow, and yes the RNG sucks (but RNG sucks in most games) and so on. However thereís just something about UE that I just love, I donít know what it is, but itís kept me for 4 and a half years. Sure itís pretty dated but itís still here right? I donít want a city building or base building type game, those are even more grinding and have been done to death. I donít know why I love UE, I just do. In fact, if any of us didnít care, this post wouldnít of have been made

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