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Thread: LT fusion requirements

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    LT fusion requirements

    As I understand it requirements for fusing LTs are they must all be same starred and same rarity. There must however be some other which I can't figure out.
    I am trying to fuse one of my uncommon LTs It is a one-star and I have 37 others, same star, same rarity. When I select him as the target LT, the possible choices being offered for the other two have now shrunk to 5, don't know why. I considered possibly their alignment but that does not seem to be the case. So, what is the limiting factor?

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    Re: LT fusion requirements

    There are a lot of LTs that u are required to maintain at least 1 copy of. For example: if u had a 3* Blink with no other copies and a 3* Hector with an additional 1* copy of Hector then Hector would be eligible to be fused away but Blink would not. Hopefully that clears it up for ya

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    Re: LT fusion requirements

    Read here:

    You cannot get rid of your last of any of the following lieutenants in Fusion - AK, Fang, John, Mia, Charmaine, Penelope, Blade, Cesar, Hector, Michael, Lucas, Blink, Caine, Fox, Kate, Tagg. This is because they are needed to undertake Jobs and they can be bought for cash.

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