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Thread: Help : choose between Z-Virus or Hyena

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    Help : choose between Z-Virus or Hyena

    So I need to choose between Z-Virus or Hyena , to star up and add to my seated LT's for my EVE loadout as a ghost.

    Z-Virus adds % to attack , Heyna adds % to dmg.

    I don't know how extra attack translates into how much extra dmg.

    What is your opinion?

    Tx !

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    Re: Help : choose between Z-Virus or Hyena

    My bsi acc is ghost. On that acc I strive to seat crit lts.

    In my main I am demo (lsi acc). On that acc I strive for damage lts.

    If I seat "add attack" on demo acc I hit for less then if I seat damage lts.

    In pvp I seat "add attack" lts.

    So to answer your question I think Hyena would make your ghost hit for bigger damage.
    On the other hand Z virus will let u kill stronger/bigger opponents.

    Thats only my experience lol

    Maybe should get some more input from others before making a decision

    Edit: Ghost class doesnt depend on crit lts like sniper class does. But without crit lts Ghosts hit for so little damage (the base damage). Thats why I strive for crit lts on my ghost class acc.
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    Re: Help : choose between Z-Virus or Hyena

    Well if you've got Z's Dual Slashers which add 3% critical then it's an easy decision, Z-Virus all the way. Otherwise you could go either way, as Ramaria said Hyena will add to overall damage but Z will get you wins you might not get without her, plus the extra attack power will get you a small damage increase as well (just not to the extent Hyena would increase it). That being said, Z is one of the best LTs in the game IMO - if you can rank her up it's not a bad thing regardless.

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    Re: Help : choose between Z-Virus or Hyena

    Would go with hyena imo.

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