In the spirit of the game to assist smaller active empires, we are offering to host tourists to utilize out maxed out Shadow Broker so they can hoard Blood Diamonds to take to their home empires.

We just finished the last Crown Jewel slot here too so we won't have our donate button rigged to take those precious commodities away from you.

Why are we doing this? To meet more of the community primarily and to be of service to those who are active, yet struggling to get HQ lv5 up. (We keep matching against the same teams over and over this season and we need *YOURS* up here with us to keep it interesting.)

We've had some players who have abandoned the game outright as of late and rather than stress over it, I'm taking the opportunity to help give a bit back and help some of you out!

About us:

We're a friendly bunch, and we don't shy from PvP bullies. We're educated in the game and can teach how to Pull, introduce you to the Line community for the game, and share tactics that might help you back at your home empire once you are there.

We like an organized match (Calls followed, hp/ap respected) and we have some solid upgrades. We have top level Philantropist and Shadow Broker. Fortification too! (Cash is going to top combat training but the jewels are already in.) We have 30 AP at 900 armor each and encourage our hunters to utilize them rather than firing dead. (Ghosts/Snipers especially) Our outstanding upgrades include 1 level of Bunker shields at each, 2 AP upgrades in one bunker (other is maxxed), 1 level of Nuke, 1 level of lab, 2 levels on body armor and a scattering of single defender slots, reinforced steel and building health upgrades. So if you only want to drop concrete blocks/steel beams here to maintain your daily achievements, that is beyond fine with us!

All levels welcome - our opponents can be any size from small to large. We will be accomodating as possible to any sized tourist.

Big guys!: This invite is mainly extended to the smaller empires to help bring them up to speed. If you feel this is a positive thing that you would want to take part and help with, you're more than welcome to stop by and visit too. Perhaps we can show you some tactics that you have never had to use because of the brute-force power of your home empire. If you're a big PvP player, we can always utilize the help of a big Top Killer list cleanser or few! 😊 PM me here or message my Line ID (Quaranj)

All the best in the event! Get your pumpkins on and thanks for reading!