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Thread: Sniper build question.

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    Sniper build question.

    I am searched for different threads , but never found a decent answer to my question. I am sorry if this is a repost. My question is, which class is better for an all critical sniper and which class has the ability to do most damage in EvE between Sniper and Ghost class? I am a lvl 5 sniper with head shot mainly upgraded and lvl 3 ghost. I don't see much difference between the two classes. Thanks for your thoughts and input.

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    Re: Sniper build question.

    Well if you got the right Lt, Sniper can constantly do crits - which can leads to higher chain of overkill; while ghost can easily do massive damage with or without OK if its your lucky day.

    In short, highly overpowered (having twio loadout: one for locking that killing spree and two to maximize damage/overkill ince the spree is locked) sniper can do helluva crits that could make ghost shy; on the other hand if its your lucky day - hot shot trigerred/you got the "hey power shot just procced three times on crit today!" Day/having good rush trip/overkill somehow chained high the damage are devastating. Sniper with scary lt: constat massive damage vs Ghost with mediocre Lt: that slot machine with crazy rewards. Your choice.
    Both can be used as support though - with surpression and ghost tag

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    Re: Sniper build question.

    Thanks for the info! What would you consider a good LT set up? I have OK, pain, Alpha, and dragon Lord .

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    Re: Sniper build question.

    For a Sniper you want 2 set ups. 1 all increased critical chance until you lock in your KS. The second for additional damage or critical damage once you locked in your KS. Once you are at 100% criticals, having a Lt seated that increases your chance at a critical is a waste.

    OK is good for both because she does both and she is just too OP to leave out especially when you are at 100% critical.

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    Re: Sniper build question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glo0m View Post
    Thanks for the info! What would you consider a good LT set up? I have OK, pain, Alpha, and dragon Lord .
    Ideal loadouts, something like the following:
    Loadout 1 - Overkill, Pain, Alpha, Dragon Lord and Blink.
    Loadout 2 - Overkill, Miss Conduct, Vanquish and 2 more Lts for high damage (Hyena, El Toro, that sort of thing).

    For loadout 1, get as many insignias with +% crit chance as possible.
    For loadout 2, get as many insignias with +% crit damage or +% damage as possible.

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