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Thread: Lts for demo traps?

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    Question Lts for demo traps?

    Is there any lts that can help to increase trap damage for demo?
    I have a mini LSI demo, without Layla, free account and didn't have fp to get her.
    I currently seat Dozer (6*) and backfire (9*) but I don't know if they help for traps at all. They give bonus when attacking buildings, but compared to terminators, my demo dmg are very low (plus I have no atck and def stats).
    The toon role is mainly traps, and then support on building damage and sometimes explosives and dynamites when need to help going through big toons (for this as well, any lts to help with explosives?).
    Thank you

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    Re: Lts for demo traps?

    building damage from traps is fixed, while player damage from traps can be increased by increasing attack power.
    high star lts and filled with strong insignias can give a good boost to attack power, not sure if lts like wildcard , yokozuna will increase your attack power when placing traps .

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    Re: Lts for demo traps?

    I see. Ok, thank you

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