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Thread: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

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    Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    my attack/defensive power fluctuates (sometimes by over 1k) without changing anything. If i just hit the folder it will just keep changing. Even if i close the game, go to different screens or refresh. Is this a bug? Does this happen to anyone else? Doesnt really matter one way or another I was just curious.

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    Is it possible you have different Lts seated?

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    No i dont change anything but my power just constantly changes. Like if i click the folder that shows attack power, i go to the screen, then back out and click it again my power will change each time. Even if i refresh, go to different screens, close game. It just doesnt stay the same. i just thought it was weird and was wondering if there was something that could be influencing this or if it was just random. I thought it was that way for everyone but when i asked others they said it was normal for them.

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    Do you have wildcard seated?

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    maybe some lt u seating is doing it, wildcard eltoro? gonna check my toon with wild card and see if it keeps changing power

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    nope wildcard doesnt change anything for me , im seeing same numbers each time and tried several times on class menu and lt menu

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    I have el toro seated. It must be a lieutenant because it doesnt fluctuate with my fat suit on. I think youre right reaper👍

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    Re: Fluctuating attack/defensive power

    Played with it for a while and its strange because sometimes it changes my PVP attack power and leaves EVE, sometimes it changes just EVE and leaves PVP and sometimes it changes both. Dont understand really why it wouldnt just change them both always. Weird.

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