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Thread: Winners of create lt contest

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    Re: Winners of create lt contest

    Thanks for those points
    Add Me

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    Re: Winners of create lt contest

    Donít know what his power is but congrats and excited to see him in game ( I figured Iíd someone else a chance this time lol) ❤️Flare

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    Re: Winners of create lt contest

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercurial View Post
    Presume on collect to boost the odds of the normal shard you have a chance to get being upgraded. Same as Fleur, just seat to collect.

    Expecting [no clone] ��
    If I understand correctly every empire receive a chard no matter if they win or loose.
    Is this the chard you are talking about?
    What about auto collect?
    If I auto collect in the morning and receive a chard and Gold Digger is seated will I have a chance to receive a rare or epic chard instead?

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