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Thread: Mmb 2017

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    Mmb 2017

    Last year MMB was run in September. When do you think you will run it this year? You know it is the players favorite event of the year.

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    Re: Mmb 2017

    I thought turf wars was the event in September? which replaced MMB?

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    Re: Mmb 2017

    It is possible too get more than three epic drops in Legend bosses.
    Make MMB the same as Legend bosses and drop more than 3 epic.
    There is simply too much loot for the amount of epic (3) slots in MMB.
    If it is possible add tech lab ingredients and contracts to MMB.
    You give us blueprints but we can do nothing with them because we don't have ingredients or contracts.
    Give blueprints att. and def. power than we can use blueprints in PVP/War.
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    Re: Mmb 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Anchovy View Post
    I thought turf wars was the event in September? which replaced MMB?
    I really hope not, that was a pretty poor event, with rewards only for the top few.

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    Re: Mmb 2017

    My guess is the end of October for the next event, maybe beginning of November?

    Hard to say with the Turf war experiment though, they may throw another non-traditional one in the mix
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    Re: Mmb 2017

    Lol or soon, considering a ledgendary insignia mini event is on now. I'm gonna asume I'm right on this and hold on on those refills

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    Re: Mmb 2017

    The big combo.
    One whole week around Xmas

    Energy worth double like we had once.. but all jobs this time. .
    Insígnia drop event inside MmB.
    Daily awesome gifts. Crates, Lts and refills
    Gift crates to allies.

    All together
    But i know I’m a dreamer

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