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Thread: Boss Data Collection

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    Boss Data Collection

    Hello everyone,

    As some of you may have noticed some things have been changing on the wiki. Squiffle and I (mainly still him) have been doing our best to keep the information up to date on the wiki. However there is still plenty of information that is missing and any help filling these voids would be much appreciated.

    Now, I have been working on a fairly large project and you may have seen it scattered on the wiki somewhere already. That project is collecting all of the data for epic boss drops. Before I had spreadsheets that I kept to myself before I figured out a good format for sharing, and now I have these spreadsheets posted at the top of every boss page on the wiki. >>WIKI BOSSES<< I will also link the sheets below on this post. These spreadsheets are hosted on google drive and do not require any signing in to edit, therefore accessible to everyone. The big thing is that these can be easily edited with the Google Sheets app from a phone, so a computer isn't necessary. These spreadsheets collect empire points, passports/phones, epic drops, and the drop percentage for each item. The spreadsheets are fairly straightforward however I will have a short guide showing how to fill in some of the information. The spreadsheets will be sorted periodically so all new inputs can be placed at the bottom.

    Once an adequate amount of data is combined, I will make a table with the thresholds for all to save for quick reference. One with a dark background… because bright white is blinding in the middle of night

    I am hoping that with these spreadsheets, the boss thresholds will be refined and we will know what to aim for in boss fights and what kind of drops to expect.

    If anyone would like to join me in collecting this data I would be very grateful!

    If something is wrong with any of the sheets please let me know on this thread, forum pm, or on the wiki.

    Example Sheet:

    The first set of columns are the boss points you had in the boss fight, the amount of empire points you earned upon collecting, if you were the summoner (only on sara piece bosses), and if you received a passport or phone.

    • If you did not receive a passport or phone, simply input a “ - “ for that column

    The next set of columns are the epic drops. These inputs are all averaged at the top (drop %), however there are some requirements for these averages to work properly.

    • Only input 0’s into all unearned drops if you received 3 epics from the boss, or 4 epics from the legendary boss. The totaling column will show a shade of green if this is reached, indicating you to put 0’s in.
    • If you do not receive 3 or 4 epics, input “ - “ into all other cells. The totaling column will show yellow, orange, or red to indicate this.
    • If a value is unknown, input “ ? “
    • If you don't remember what dropped but you remember the amount of epics dropped, input “ ? “ into all unknown cells and overwrite the totaling cell with the total amount that dropped.

    There are 4 sheets per boss, however Boss hits and boss HP are not fully set up yet. Minimum collection is used for finding the least amount of boss points needed to receive 1 item. This is useful for grinding boss collection achievements.

    Job Bosses
    Bone Breakers
    Ghost Killer
    Victor's Demolishers
    The Titan
    Murda Gang
    The Mastermind
    De Koningen
    Cartel Jungle Ops
    Dragon Core
    The Revenants
    Knights Templar
    Death Cartel
    Death Dealers
    The 4 Deadly Assassins
    The Sand Corsairs

    Tech Lab Bosses
    Skull Soldier
    Skull Elite
    Skull King
    Mafia Insurrection
    Phoenix Resurrection
    Storm Raiders

    Other Bosses

    War Hounds
    Underworld Legends

    Legend Bosses
    Legends: Firestorm
    Legends: Baron
    Legends: Reaper
    Legends: Midas

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    Nice work Kitty and Squiffle only very recently found these in the wiki and have been using them already and will from now on as I too think our thresholds need refining keep up the good work

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    Kitty and Squiffle, thank you for all your time and effort.
    I have received 4 Sin's rifles at 20,000 points already.
    2x epic drops and all of them apache:guns.
    Joey Pepperoni also drop at 20,000 points.
    I read some where on the forums Rasputin skull drop at 37,000. (Haven't tested it yet)
    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    Wonderful work!

    There is now a Line group available for anyone looking to help out. Message me on Line, zg-cthulu
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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    I created Phoenix resurrection during Casino Royale Halloween.
    I made 319819 boss contribution points.
    3870000 empire points.

    Rare recombinator
    Sara's locket - very important
    Apache: gun (no surprise there)
    epic insignia
    rare insignia
    uncommon insignia
    common insignia

    My toon made 25194 boss contribution points.
    3 Epic rewards:
    The Avenger
    Apache: gun (no surprise there)
    Apache: gun (no surprise there)

    P.S. South African internet is very slow, only 2 meg line.
    The spreadsheet takes forever to open, sorry
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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    Created and killed Skull Elite boss with Heavy Weapons class.
    135949 boss contribution points!
    507600 empire points!
    Sara's beauty - very important
    2 epics:
    The Underdog
    Common insignia
    Uncommon insignia

    P.S. South African internet is very slow, only 2 meg line.
    The spreadsheet takes forever to open, sorry

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    I do bosses a bit when events come around, otherwise I pvp. But I'll support where I can.

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    Any and all help is appreciated chipmunk

    Also I will enter your info soon Mob, thanks!

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    I went a little overboard with my own boss data collection this month, but I've added about 30 entries to orange bosses and a few to stormraiders. Most of which had no luck so your percentages went down!

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    Re: Boss Data Collection

    I like where this is going!

    I'm wondering - would it perhaps be beneficial to perhaps table out the exact scores per boss in relation to the empire points caps? Kind of like you have the minimum collect tab? This would require verifying max empire points per boss and scaling points down until a specific point line appeared.

    That way there could be further info on "Don't exceed X points if you can help it, you're at peak threshold."?

    If that exact math can be obtained perhaps we can use that to refine the scales of tiers, probable drop zones, etc.

    Knowing the start point and end point could help us figure out the division I mean.

    Maybe the forum admins could work up a "Community Challenge" whereby some of these goal numbers can be mass crunched in contest style to drive participation into this project. "Everyone report your collect info on boss X this week for shards, scratchers or ???"

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