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    Next event, would be nice if you would recycle Lady Vice and/or Viper. The last event LT, (Z-Virus) was an absolute awesome LT power. Given defense toons some love but itís also for attacking toons as well. Iíd love to see an LT (for defense toons) that will help nerf some of those heavy hitters. Iím honestly tired of getting rocked (on losses of people losing against me) and they still are able to go 500-2k Damage without criticals. Iím all defense and a lot of it! Bad enough criticals are so high now, where attacking toons get a critical almost every token. Thatís two problems that can be solved with one LT power. Letís be honest, Salvatore is a joke. 😂 No one uses him. And when I have used him, at 4*, Iíve noticed maybe a 15 Damage difference. Letís get a defense LT rolling on the burner to help nerf those hits in EvE! Or maybe just another defense LT and I would be statisfied beyond a snickers. Thanks for reading and possibly complying!

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