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Thread: Value pack worth it?

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    Value pack worth it?

    Is the value pack worth buying 60fp? Why / why not?

    Is patch a good lieutenant to have?
    I'm a reaper so she seems to work well with plague but I'm not so sure if I should cash for her or not.

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    Re: Value pack worth it?

    Any value pack is worth it because you get free added value just for buying FP

    Patch, I have her and never used her, not even once. She's useless to me but maybe someone else has a good use for her?

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    Re: Value pack worth it?

    I use Patch on my assassin, specially hoping she activates on cripples. There is no mention when she activates and how much damage she does, though. I don't recall a bunch of damage rare lts to compare with, though. So, I guess it depends on what other alternatives you have and who are you hitting.
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    Re: Value pack worth it?

    Free stuff is always good. I'd never skip a promotion if you're planning on spending.

    Patch is an okay LT. It's really only useful against players with massive amounts of HP, otherwise it's not worth much. With only a chance to deal 1% dmg of opponent hp, usually you'll be better off using an LT with a consistent effect. I've tried using her on both of my accounts, but she just sits on the bench now.

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    Re: Value pack worth it?

    i fused up to 3* and used patch and noticed that it increases your damage based on targets current health and its a type of damage that can be mitigated by the player and not a "true damage" like plague so if lets say 1% of current health is 50 after mitigations u will do like 20 more damage .
    i dont use it anymore, u might find it useful

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