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Thread: What is the best Android tablet for Underworld Empire?

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    Question What is the best Android tablet for Underworld Empire?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
    Google pixel C
    Nvidia Shield K1 8.0 inch (screen is to small)

    What is the best Android tablet to play Underworld Empire on?
    Do I look for Android tablet with the fastest processor or graphics?
    Google pixel C and Nvidia Shield has the fastest graphics!
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has good reviews?

    Are there any developers or players with the above Android tablets and what is your experience playing on these tablets?
    Thank you
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    Re: What is the best Android tablet for Underworld Empire?

    I had a cheap RCA tablet that was super awesome for the game. The home screen had icons for seperate users. So if you are running multiple toons, you could set up a user account for each toon. This made it super east to switch back and forth to each toon without having to log out of google play and back in to another account. It also eliminated the 60second rule when switching accounts.


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    Re: What is the best Android tablet for Underworld Empire?

    I've played on a number of tablets as I am technically inclined and usually end up repairing my friends electronics.

    I have a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 here that plays UE fairly well. I have a story about a unique device too though I would never buy one. I installed the game on a Nextbook once and for some reason you could interrupt the animations upon it on many actions. Basically you could run through jobs as fast as you could tap.

    Unfortunately the support from Nextbook USA is sorely lacking. After the 3rd or 4th time it arbitrarily factory-reset itself on its own I aquired it and it collects dust because even 3rd party ROMs are far and few between for it.

    My Note Pro 12.2 plays the game better than my Galaxy Note 4 in leaps and bounds. Not entirely sure why. They're same generation devices.

    Just be sure that the device has a Tegra 3 (NEON) minimum. Not that I think the game should require NEON as it isn't a graphics-intensive game but UE is obviously using the newer Android development kit that compiles with NEON support baked-in. (Some companies deliberately use an older version to bypass this restriction opening their compatibility to older hardware. EA uses the older kit for PvZ2 for example so that it plays on old Motorola Xooms and the like.)

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