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    Could we have a Halloween event and promo?

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    Re: Event

    Halloween Theme

    Month of October would get a theme overhaul, it wouldn't necessarily be an event but a chance to expand on current content for a short duration and spark some interest.

    It may not be the easiest thing to do but I would like to propose general images/backgrounds change to reflect the holiday. Bosses can have some graphics changes to support the theme. Add some costumes, zombify them or just add some nice "pop up" characters in existing boss fights.

    For example:
    In a boss fight, you kill a boss and the next one in line steps up. During this month you could have random monsters/zombies/ghouls pop up in place of a particular character. Damaging/killing this random character could yield themed rewards (Bloody chainsaw, machete, claw gloves (insert famous horror movie weapons and gear knock-offs). This would also allow for stale reward items, such as Omakase, to become something different for a short duration.

    This would also be a good opportunity to release tech items from jobs and bosses. There wouldn't be tiered rewards (although we could) and throughout the month items drop for energy/stamina usage to craft unique weapons/gear/vehicles, LT Skins and maybe even a new LT.

    Seek and Destroy Mini-Bosses
    Also to spruce up doing jobs, each day you can promote seek and destroy. For this you would push a message once, or a few times, a day that "insert character" has been spotted in West Side, then add a clue as to what job it is. Players would do this job prompting a mini-boss fight for unique items.

    Example: Man yielding machete seen wondering Westside near the Casino. This would signify Westside Area, Job: Take Down Casino. Players would then be able to do this job until mini-boss pops up. Mini-boss would be killed utilizing stamina. Mini-boss should also be fairly easy, yet a little tougher than Alpha lol. Mini-boss would be defeated and would yield a chance of items ranging from common to epic. I would expect 1 or 2 items only for the drop.
    Rusty Machete (Common 12/2) - 40%
    Ceremonial Hachette (Uncommon 14/8) - 30%
    Tattered Jumpsuit (Rare 20/20) - 20%
    Broken in Hockey Mask (Epic 27/27) - 10%

    Only way I would see a slight chance for no drop is if the job could be done continuously until the timer runs out or another is announced.

    A theme such as this would reward current player base just for playing but would also promote higher energy/stamina usage because of crafting new items and obtaining LT Skins. Would also spark added interest to boss fights that become redundant by adding the possibility of a theme character jumping into a fight and adding unique item rewards.

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    Re: Event

    Great ideas Ogre.

    The seek and destroy mini boss is especially creative.

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