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Thread: Śweet Revenge

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    Śweet Revenge

    Join up!

    Śweet Revenge is an old empire with a core group of players who've been together for 4+yrs.

    We have room for some fresh blood!

    Whether you're looking for more challenges & tips amongst an experienced group of friendly players, or just want a more relaxed* EvE experience.

    We don't ask for much:
    Be active
    Be respectful
    Have fun

    Add me for more info : 38E5D6

    *don't read into that too much: we still give out orders and like to win! No one likes a rogue 🙈

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    Re: Śweet Revenge

    Good luck Sweet Revenge!

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    Re: Śweet Revenge

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    Re: Śweet Revenge

    Good Luck guys!!!

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