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Overkill and her damage buff
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Thread: Overkill and her damage buff

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    Overkill and her damage buff

    Playing as a sniper on a killing spree your damage output is very consistent. I average about 1500 on a given non Titan/heavy toon. OK's ability says double damage on crit. But landing a 1x OK on a toon I without a doubt would deal at least 1500 to, I'd get like 2300, and 3x OK giving 5800 damage.
    With those numbers and what her ability does it means I'm hitting at less than 1000 damage.
    Every instance I have is very consistent with overkill only giving a 1.5x multiplier.
    Anyone else notice this, though it will be harder to track playing as ghost, so this is mostly for sniper friends.

    Edit: I should also add I attack with over 90% additional damage buffs. If OK procs it's possible it ignores all of the damage buff and only applies the normal unaltered hit, and does not add the damage boost back afterwards.
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    Re: Overkill and her damage buff

    It does sound strange. When I get an overkill proc the extra damage is very apparent, always at least double what I'd expect.

    With damage buff LT's seated it is further apparent. With Poppy seated for example, an OK proc will clearly be x4 damage instead of x2.

    Maybe you've just been unlucky with most of your Overkill hits landing on Titans, with turtle blocking a lot of your damage?

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    Re: Overkill and her damage buff

    I think the damage that gets buffed is base damage. Its the same with poppy and others.

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    Re: Overkill and her damage buff

    Thing with ghost etc is it's also on top of other sniper buffs.. on my lvl 840+ Ghost toon I've had close to a 17k hit with overkill x2 or 3.. but then had overkill 3/4 that's only been 8k . So for me it's hard to know what's sniper causing the increased damage and what's overkill... I think sniper buffs are the main thing! Coz I've got an assassin only lvl 500 but has 1* higher overkill which doesn't get anywhere near the same damage making me think overkill doesn't do as much as you'd hope... lol

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