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Thread: Demo Crate Roll

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    Demo Crate Roll

    I've been playing the game and spending RL money on favor points for crate rolls for a while now. I noticed that LTs that are good for demo are spread out among the crate rolls.
    There should be a demo Crate!!
    My suggestions for LTs would be Backfire, Dozer, Poppy, Red Countess, just to name a few. Maybe a new LT featured in the crate specifically focusing on building and shield damage. Any thoughts on this, or suggestions for other LTs effective for demo are welcome!
    Developers plz respond, I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way!
    Good gaming to you all!

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    Re: Demo Crate Roll

    Every class is spread across crates. The newest one is kinda for Defensive players, but not all the way. I could see offensive player rolling that crate. There is no upside for them to make class specific crates. You might argue people would roll more if the crate only has LTs for their class. But every class has more than one crate worth of LTs.

    As for a another demo LT, how about one that buffs your traps and time bombs to more damage. Might also be nice to speed up time bombs detonation.

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    Re: Demo Crate Roll

    Having class-specific crates available at certain points or for certain promos is a fun idea.

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