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Thread: Killing Spree Fails

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    Killing Spree Fails

    Six consecutive critical hits as a sniper with KS3 results in 102% crit excluding any of your base crit. Somehow I find myself losing my killing spree abnormally frequently when it is at numbers well above 100%, what can cause this? Does KS cap at 5, giving you 85%? And in my high damage load out I get 12% crit from misc stuff, so that would put it at 97%, which I find myself losing it more often than that. Sometimes I'll even lose it while building spree with my base crit at 43%

    I don't know what could be doing this, Black Knight might be a possibility, but when I shift through their accounts it's usually very underwhelming compared to others LTs they have.

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    Heath packs, executing both break spree. Loading nuke probably does but haven't tested.

    Headshot I believe is not additive to the rest of the crit chance. For example 92% crit and a 9% headshot don't make 101%. This is because they overlap. You have a chance to get both or neither.

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    I know using a HP resets your spree, I arm nuke before I hit anything. I don't count HS into base crit at all since it's different as you said.

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    I've had this happen to me around 15 times over the years. When I notice it, I check the last guy I hit for black knight. Sometimes he is there, sometimes not. When he isn't there I have presumed that I actually lost my spree earlier to someone with black knight and I didn't notice straight away.

    Or it could be a random bug with spree itself, or a bug that black knight always breaks a spree. Idk...

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    Also, I don't think that executing breaks a spree. But don't quote me on that :-)

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    Quote Originally Posted by Missy View Post
    Also, I don't think that executing breaks a spree. But don't quote me on that :-)
    I executed last war and didn't break my spree.

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    Re: Killing Spree Fails

    Any lt that reduces chances of crits/abilities proc rates can break a killing spree. Eg black knight
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