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Thread: Eve Banner Bug

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    Eve Banner Bug

    Empire finished top 10 in EVE for the summer. We have the correct banner that says we finished in the top ten in EVE, but when that banner is selected, what shows is a top 10 spring BOSS banner. Can this be fixed?

    Duke: Fixed, change your banner again.
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    RE: Eve Banner Bug

    which empire is this!

    Whats the rank?!?!?!
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    RE: Eve Banner Bug

    Which Empire?

    What rank are they?!?!
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    Re: Eve Banner Bug

    I'm unsure who this post was by, but Unusual Suspects banner for EvE Summer 2017 #5 is available to select in banners. However, after selecting and loaded, it seems everyone in game shows Boss Spring 2017 #5.

    A bit glitchy, but hey, it happens. The other day we had a person in war chat that was from a different empire than the ones warring.

    If our banner issues could be corrected though I know it would be appreciated.

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    Re: Eve Banner Bug

    Yeah I think they're connected Ten. That's exactly what we're experiencing, but explained much more elegantly lol

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    Re: Eve Banner Bug

    Notified Gaea - feel free to update here on either side of the issue though in case it gets fixed

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    Re: Eve Banner Bug


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    Re: Eve Banner Bug

    All fixed - thanks much =)

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