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Thread: Unable to Access Insignia Inventory

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    Unable to Access Insignia Inventory


    As mentioned in my PM to you, I have been unable to access my insignia inventory.

    As such, I cannot upgrade insignias as I continue to receive a timeout message when I try.

    Please advise as to how and when Gaea will fix this problem. I'm guessing it is caused by the over 10,000 insignias I have in inventory.

    Obviously this issue makes doing the upgrade insignia daily achievement impossible as well as prevents me from using / swapping insignias that I have earned ingame thereby relegating me to only assigning insignias when I remove them from another lieutenant (so long as I don't close app after unassigning). Candidly this is and has for months been a pain in the proverbial (insert explicative).


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    Re: Unable to Access Insignia Inventory


    I'm building my last property right now (Alloy Factory 10) and plan on maxing my remaining insignias with all this cash I will have because I'm not buying properties.

    It would be nice if this were fixed before I catch up to Alpha! (Yeaaaaahhhh... I am kidding, I don't see myself catching up anytime soon.) That said, others are going to hit this mark too if they haven't already.

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