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Thread: Effects of Jewelry Factory

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    Effects of Jewelry Factory

    I have built a couple of them but so far I can't find anyplace where I am able to see their effects. Any advice please?

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    Re: Effects of Jewelry Factory

    Look at your insignia bonus on your ltn. Should go up with every jewelry factory. Better your insignias more of a boost you'll notice.

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    Re: Effects of Jewelry Factory


    That makes sense of and that's where (I think) I look but I don 't see any changes. e.g. I have a lvl 8 Epic Blood insignia, +20 LT attack, +5 LT attack and +2 player health before I built factory. After 2 insignia factories the value not changed at all. Am I looking in the wrong place? On the other hand if it just adds 1% to those values that's in the noise range of course and presumably wouldn't show but if so I think it's an utterly worthless update.

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    Re: Effects of Jewelry Factory

    You need a fair amount of insignias for there to be a noticeable bonus. I'd focus on other properties that give a significant more boost war factory, defense facility, etc

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    Re: Effects of Jewelry Factory

    You won't see the upgrades within the insignias themselves, but the upgrade is reflected in the new blue stats folder in your profile.

    I have 10 of them built and my insignias have the same stats, but I looked at my stats before and after the building finished and saw the small bump in health/attack/defense power.

    Easiest place to notice is with your health. You will have more health and should notice it in EvE.

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