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Thread: Nice mega sale

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    Nice mega sale

    Next time I would like to see Joaquin

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    Re: Nice mega sale

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramaria2 View Post
    Next time I would like to see Joaquin
    Agreed. Would prefer a 1* with all gear from black market or a scale where you could buy the lt, the lt and gear, and/or copies of the lt and gear.

    I want Hotwire's stuff....and Patch and her stuff, and an extention to GMan since he was less than a month in the black market, etc.

    These are a step in the right direction for aure but I challenge them to do better. 😆

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    Re: Nice mega sale

    Well good to know another one is out.

    Fusing up Dozer to 4 stars. That double pack is all I need.

    How long is this deal is gonna be up?
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