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Thread: Heavy help

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    Heavy help

    Hey, trying to get a handle on heals and who i should save them for on eve.

    I was told in the begining that heavy weapons hits on demo are not affected by health, but my heavies complain and ask to heal so they can hit stronger. Is health a factor or is their hit actually the same when dead?

    Also would love advice on how to place players in buildings. We r low levels (mostly under 200) and generally gold/plat league.
    Right now i have heavy or enforcers that r active on front lines etc.

    Thanks :-)

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    Re: Heavy help

    Sounds like your heavies got bored waiting for demo and ended up contributing to attacking the defenders and possibly suiciding in the process.

    Unless your empire is in a situation where youre winning the war and the win is guaranteed the health packs should be left for defenders only.

    In some instances where an empire has an incredibly high level sniper/ghost exceptions get made for them to take an armour pack to ensure they get the most out of killing spree or adrenaline rush as the benefits of their attacking will outweigh the sacrifice of losing 1 armour pack.

    Heavies generally speaking shouldnt be begging you for heals unless theyre defending a building.

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    Re: Heavy help

    Dead heavies is half damage.

    But as said above. Defenders should be nbr 1 prio

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    Re: Heavy help

    No, it's usually bc they get sniped or their building gets taken out. We have had bad matchups, high level ghosts clean house the last few wars. They heal as defender to halt demo. But once dead and not defending or building goes down I save heals for defenders or my attackers that are needed most. The prob is they think demo is affected by health, and i was told its not. My exp on my mini with demo 1 is hits are the same no matter what the health status. Is that actually true? Or are their demo hits weakened?

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    Re: Heavy help

    Mini demos damage, as in no skill upgrade and no att or def will have around same damage as a dead mini heavy.

    There is an option. The rare nathalie lt. She does better damage the more health u lose. (With 400 health left she does good at low star rate). There are other lts that will do about the same. Natalie is damage though and that suites demos.

    But if u seat her and the toon gets killed then she wont do that xtra damage.

    Edit: maybe u do get the damage as dead with Natalie? But then the damage gets halfed bc you are dead. Really not sure about that
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    Re: Heavy help

    You get a base damage of 50(ish) on top of which all other bonuses apply. If you are dead the base damage is halved, so the final damage is smaller.

    A possible tactic can be to put the inactive players in front buildings and hide the active players in back buildings. Longer time till they get killed.

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    Re: Heavy help

    Maybe worth communicating within your empire to find out if all your active players are using health load outs or not? A lot of players still don't know the concept of loading up lts they wouldnt usually use in eve but are still highly star'd with health insignia then switching load out once in eve.
    Have a look next time youre in battle. If you have actives that are sitting below 2k health chances are they arent using a health load out to have more eve health.
    This might keep your heavies alive a bit longer.

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    Re: Heavy help

    Dead tokens do less damage universally unless an LT such as Ronin come into play.

    That said, maybe this is more of a defender/layout issue. If your best demo is a frontline defender or in the most frequently taken path, that is a strong tactical error. (In most empires anyways.) Protect those you want alive longest as best as you can. You really have to micromanage this the further up you go to make sure you aren't compromising your biggest defenders with easy splash targets, or letting your ghosts get picked off as soon as they AR, or having your best offensive players burn through hp needlessly.

    Coaching on health loadouts can help, but for some that is a blue sky thing. If they're barely making donations and starving for property or job money, chances are they don't have extra cash lying about for lvl 15 health insignias either.

    Study your war logs, and make adjustments based on what you see. Best advice I can give here.

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    Re: Heavy help

    Health doesn't factor into heavy dmg increase. But if a heavy is dead then like all other classes it's damage is halved from what that player would normally do.

    You can also increase heavy dmg using various combos of available lts. But that's a seperate issue. From what I gather your players are dying and asking for Heath packs to heal and do normal dmg rather than the half damage if dead. Eg if your heavy player is doing 80 dmg when alive, he will do 40ish dmg when dead for same token used.

    Priority should always be for an active defender unless you have a dead heavy with lots of tokens and a building ready to blow.

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    Re: Heavy help

    He/she said their average lvl is around 200.
    Sometimes give the front line isn't a option cause they don't have power to get this points back...
    sometimes the enemy front will be high enough to eat all their tokens, platinum and gold already have a lot of empires with shields and good mitigation...
    Also big meat shields. (They still there -.-)

    About the HW damage, when dead the damage decrease for sure. But don't use to become half like hitting players. Well half hitting players but not half hitting buildings. It's like lose one demolition lvl. My heavy (Demo 3) use to Demo like demo lvl2 when dead...

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    Re: Heavy help

    If you have high health/defense inactives, you can just hide the heavies in the back, in like HQ offensive slots or something. If you don't, it's a choice between whether you want heavies doing half damage a lot of the time, or your front buildings falling fast.

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    Re: Heavy help

    I play a term myself and a couple of heavy toons. While my term is a Defender, cause that toon is strong enough, my heavies aren't (all between lvl 300 and 400).

    - the amount of damage is certainly higher, the more attack u have
    - the amount of damage is higher if u are alive
    - but the amount of damage isn't halved, like on other classes if they get killed
    - packs are ONLY for defending ppl

    Terminators and Heavy Weapons both have passive skills to add damage to buildings (and shields). These skills still work when these classes are killed. So the bonus damage from passive skills still is there, just the base damage is halfed when these classes are wounded/killed. A Terminator/Heavy doesnt need to be alive to do much damage to shields/buildings but of course he does more damage living then dead. The more u place them in front line the faster they get killed and that will lower ur building damage. Sometimes u need a Term/Heavy heal to get buldings down but usually u dont let them heal. And low lvl healing Terms/Heavys who get killed in seconds again are just burning packs.

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