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Thread: Crate rolls

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    Re: Crate rolls

    Yes played some blackjack last night in the casino. I never got 21, so lost a lot of money.
    Now I'm gonna blame the casino......

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    Re: Crate rolls

    Please tell me that you can see the difference in casinos/actual money and then UEs crypto currency FP

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    Re: Crate rolls

    Quote Originally Posted by Fosspher View Post
    Please tell me that you can see the difference in casinos/actual money and then UE’s crypto currency ‘FP’
    Well differences aside, they both making profits from gambling addiction

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    Re: Crate rolls

    Crate rolls percentages are crap.

    My problem is that I believe and others do to that the rolls aren't just simple RNG. I believe they work against your build and class.

    I have Overkill on two on my toons, but they were both rolled as heavy weapons. I kept getting so many sniper/ghost LTs on my mini demo, I switched to ghost. Now, of course, can't roll any great LTs.

    I have attack only assassin, last two epics crates? Capt Drake on both. I have rolled more Barons on that LT in 4 years than Scorpions.

    Roll the new crate as Titan, get Massimo, roll as enforcer and get the armor damage mitigation LT. Pure defense build, roll Illusionist, LSI or offense roll Sophia.

    I know it is RNG, but it doesn't feel like it pure and simple RNG. If I felt like the RNG wasn't rigged, then I would have no problem with them. But when I feel like when I roll I am going to get what I don't want, then I won't roll.

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