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Thread: Crate rolls

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    Re: Crate rolls

    I rolled 36 crates after this last event and got two epics so i did a little better than expected. I wonder though if somehow some accounts have more "luck" than others because on my titan i get crazy amounts of epics, even on sidekicks, he has like 5 epics and one is a two star. My main has zero epic sidekicks. RNG is crazy and the only real way to guarantee epics is to save for an event and try to earn one like Mist said.

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    Re: Crate rolls

    i had a total of 56 crate rolls after the mmb on 8 accounts and dropped 3 epics , 5 rares ,17 uncommons, 31 commons lts .
    5.357% epic lts -8.928% rare lts - 30.357% uncommon lts -55.357% common lts

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