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Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?
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Thread: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

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    Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    In mine here, it was probably the worst turnout I have seen since I started nearly 3 years ago.

    Players who normally pushed for the 15k LT stopped around 7-8k.

    EvE activity died the 1st weekend of the event but went back to normal as it went on.

    We float low legend/high diamond and didn't hit the lowest tier of the group threshold and had some choose to retire from the game entirely mid-event.

    As good as the event LT is, only one in our empire wanted her so bad to hit 25k casings.

    For the first time ever in a BR event I had no notices on my feed when I woke most days.

    Good or bad, how'd your group do? (New empires, established empires, top empires can all chime in here.) I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Gaea looks at the numbers on this one either way.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    Our top player pushed hard for rank, earning well over 40k bullets for top 200 ranking. Next best was 15k and scales down rather quickly afterwards. It definitely took us 75% of the event to reach the first threshold for empire rewards and we ended up unlocking 4 levels worth (1x scratcher, 1x energy, 1x stam, 200x cc) - not bad in my opinion. We normally float between mid-high legend. From a personal standpoint, this was the first event where I felt like I didn't have to put forth too much effort to rank high(er than normal). 80FP spent for a solid 2281 rank as a player who is under level 700 nonetheless. Granted, I made sure I was at least rank 6 every day to get the daily bonus. Towards the end, I definitely got hit a lot more (which was pretty normal with past arena events).

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    My mini empire had some effort but 0 spenders other than me. The main empire, of course had tons go for it. Lots of top level finishers.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    I finished around rank 1200 without spending a dime. Pretty happy with that. Rolled Consigliere on my epic roll and a Cr. Zhukov on one of my 3 crates. My empire finished at 560k contribution points so we got every reward except the last 3 extra crate rolls.

    There were definitely a lot less spenders than there were in the past, even with the promo coming up near the end. I think people are just getting bored and (rightfully) not seeing the value in spending so much to gain so little.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    We went up to 520k mark. missed out on last 3 tiers. But only 25 out of 79 made the bare minimum needed to contribute. Hardly anyone even crossed the 8k mark except for the few spenders. My empire mates were just not interested just like a lot of other players even though the lt is good but not really a must have unlike the initial event lts. For the majority of the players who will never get her above max two or three stars these new event lts are just not worth it to get excited over.

    The bullet tiers imo have become unreasonable at 25k the event lt should not be more than 12-15k. Also the removal of the lt from master rank is another put off. I know top 1k is master rank but it's just isn't worth it to stay up and fight for ranks etc or spend a small amount just to get one copy where players generally could get two to three.

    I finished top 1300 and got an epic roll which is very good considering I hardly got the time for the event due to work and just dropped the tokens when I could. The rewards get good for the non spender but the energy surrounding events has gone down considerably My toon is generally killed hundreds of times. This event it hardly died more than 40-50 times. In diamond to master rank range.

    So yes. Changes need to be made as players seem to be showing less interest in the game. It's just becoming more and more expensive with less and less to really show for it. Imo.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    this is how it looks for our empire .
    we have about 30-40 casual players from which only 25 accounts participated on event and scored bullets from 9k down to 1.5k and werent able to collect any empire rewards .
    a new feature that we as an empire dont get rewarded doesnt look good to me , and no i dont want to join an empire with more actives to get more rewards i wanna get rewards playing at this one thanks.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    Well, this is definately not a good event in a perspective of our empire.
    We have around 30 players, EVE ranking is high diamond and sometimes legend by luck. We didn't achieve the lowest rank of empire rewards, so not a single scratcher for us.I don't want to leave because this is the empire where I joined once I unlock empire feature in the game 2 years ago. People are nice and we work together.
    I recommend the empire event rewarding system can somehow scale with the EVE ranking system. In this case the more active and stronger empire can achieve more reward, and middle empire can get some refills or scratcher maybe? It's just a idea and I know strong deserves more.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    Loved the event first thing. Our empire hangs top 75 eve and we had 0 make it to 25k casings two got top 1000 My rewards scratchers just plain aweful my crate pulls were shameful. Nothing new there I still had fun. I enjoyed the overall rise in activity im happy with what i spent and cant wait for the next casino event

    Great job overall Dev Team

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    This event had a low turnout. I personally finish around 636 Tier 7 with 15000 casing. Spent $50.00 and then another $20 because of promo. I have 110 FP left after event. The 25K casing is too much. Especially for causal player and low activity in this game. Lets face it this is just a recycle LT with slight higher attack power. I was hoping they would make the LT power to be virus or poison related ability.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    We basically have 20-30 actives in wars and bounce between diamond and legend. We had 25 for event, highest casings waslike 10k. We didnt make the minimum 250k points as an empire. I was able to hang in diamond the whole event and was able to make it just under rank 1500 on my main. Many people didnt push because the 11k reward was so weak and even items were weak compared to past events. Most felt like it wasnt worth the push and that the money needed to get anything worth it didnt seem doable for the casual player/spender.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    I have been a big fan of trying to make it worth your while to join a more active empire, however with that being said. The first threshold was too high. I think only the top few empires should be able to complete the top reward though.

    Hopefully next time they will set the threshold for the first tier for about half of the empires and then scroll up from there. Also, I think letting people see the top rewards ahead of time might increase participation.

    I switched empires for the event hoping for the rewards, but we only managed to get the first 3. Only 1 player achieved the 25k, almost everyone else stopped at either 5 or 8k.

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    Re: Lethal Virus good or bad in your empire?

    I agree with most posting in this thread. I personally found 25k casings for a copy of event LT to be too much. If it was in the 15-18k range I wouldve really thought hard about obtaining the new LT. But at 25k with 10FP only giving us 30 energy it seemed like a huge money grab...dont even think it was a wise business model if they were trying to appease the masses for them to spend. Came across as greedy for the most part and it turned me off. For those that did pay to compete in the rankings my hat is off to you! Thats another debate alltogether.

    If the prize is within reach of spending around $100 the outcome of players participating wouldve shot through the roof(along with the amount of players that now have LT)...which means more money for game company and possibly newer content. This is just my opinion on the event LT but I know there are others out there that believe a event LT is worth way more than $100. I respect that and want to point out that they didnt have to have a consolation prize for participating. Its a double edge blade for me but still thought the event was too expensive for the casual player

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