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Thread: Lt Duke issue?

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    Lt Duke issue?

    I am using 2* Duke in boss fight, I get 4x Stam. When I choose 1 Stam attack I lose 4 stam (as I should), but my XP received is for a 1x stam attack. Anyone else seen this issue? Or maybe I am doing something wrong?


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    Re: Lt Duke issue?

    Looks like the same as Baron or Fixer. 3x. Without both of them, every single hit i gets 2%. but with Baron/Fixer, (3X) i should get about 6% but only get 4%.
    guys try and use them compare it.

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    Re: Lt Duke issue?

    You need to look at the xp bar. There is a display problem on heavy weapons and multiple screens bosses.

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    Re: Lt Duke issue?

    There is a graphic issue. Next time check the xp bar on top. From what I have seen duke works fine for me.

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    Re: Lt Duke issue?

    Thanks to all. It does appear that the proper XP is awarded according to the bar. Graphics are wrong, but the right XP is given.

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    Re: Lt Duke issue?

    Just like they said, it is not my(Duke's) issue. lol

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