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Thread: Boulder not working in EvE?

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    Boulder not working in EvE?


    One of my toons Plays Sin/Repear so the execution rate is higher then normal I have a 3 star Boulder which should get a 30 pts heal on succesful execute. While playing i noticed that my "usual health" gaini that much pts, but that wouldn't help me during EvE. So Boulder doesn't work within EvE respectivly with "EvE-Health"?!

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    Re: Boulder not working in EvE?

    Do you count the counter damage you got from executing the respective player/toon?

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    Re: Boulder not working in EvE?

    I still get around 50-60 damage while executing. I hardly execute with other toons, so maybe that is "normal" when u get hit for 80-90 health?! At least there is no log entry telling me I got health back while executing

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    Re: Boulder not working in EvE?

    Back when boulder was out i decidde that he wasn't worth a thing if not paired with another lifesteal LT, iirc boulder doesn't really showed up in logs so the best way to determine if he is working or not was by taking note of health before capping, pay attention to health loss when capping, and add the health gained by boulder skill...

    But really, i seemed to forget whether he would work at EVE or not in the first place lol

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    Re: Boulder not working in EvE?

    I don't think he works in EvE, only PvP. Like the Chainsaw execution, would crazy over powered if you could return to full health in EvE with an execution. However if you use chainsaw in EvE, it will refill your PvP health.

    How be nice however if Boulder has some affect in EvE- I might add him to my execution load out if he did.

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    Re: Boulder not working in EvE?

    @DFish: I don't use him, as I am not assassin, but he was found to be working in EvE. You just need a high star enough Boulder to get over the counterdamage when you do an execution (which is at least 50+). Did you try Boulder in your execution loadout? Carefully watch your life when executing and see if he works.

    Using the search function:

    Read all the way to the bottom.
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