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Thread: Reaper class. Tried to execute but failed

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    Reaper class. Tried to execute but failed

    So I just unlocked the reaper class, and it comes with the ability to execute at an increased range. However, I just joined a war and "tried to execute but failed" 5 times in a row. What is the reason for this? If it takes more than 5 tries to execute what's the point in the reaper class? Feel like I wasn't my time with this class.

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    Re: Reaper class. Tried to execute but failed

    Did you select your 100% maxed execution style? If not that was probably the cause. Or you just happened to execute a very lucky enforcer that had procced die hard 5 times in a row.. This was usually followed by: failed to execute because of die hard in war log.

    Reaper benefits a little to none by capping IMO assassin shines more in that respect.. Trust me i've maxed all reaper skills and capping is probably my least used skill.
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    Re: Reaper class. Tried to execute but failed

    I agree. Sounds like you didn't have that particular execution at 100% yet.

    IMO Harvest is a bit of a gimmick. Often it can be thwarted by team mates inadvertently dropping an opponent further below the declining cap range. Assassin is for cap, Reaper is for Plague.

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