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Thread: Content Suggestion Thread 3

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    Content Suggestion Thread 3

    Use this thread for your content suggestions.

    From the Content Suggestion Thread 2:

    Still on the table
    • Not being allowed to attack allies
    • Tokens-used counter in wars by empires
    • Protecting lower levels from farming/upper levels
    • End of season rewards for EvE/PvP
    • Individual EvE stats and goals/achievements
    • Different types of events
    • Access to the specialized LT gear (non-tech lab gear anyways)
    • Paying respect to health faction
    • Perks to a team winning an empire war too quickly for normal cc rewards etc.
    • Market or trading system
    • Improved gifting system
    • Improved drop rates for bosses
    • That last warehouse

    • New executions
    • New bosses
    • New buildings
    • Making old black market LTs available and their gear (we need more of these releases)
    • Updated achievements, gifts, ranks, properties, class skills, tech lab items
    • Lieutenant loadouts, and then more released
    • Repeated events
    • PvP rennovation
    • Attack/defense/stat pulldown and stats folder
    • Changes to how health influences gameplay (making it more of an asset not a liability)
    • Changes to daily rewards
    • More detail added to war log
    • Improved empire activity tracking including the red-yellow-green-blue system
    • Allowing visible call marks (for attackers and demo)
    • Improved LT selection page
    • A way to remove multiple allies at once
    • Daily goals
    • Notification when losing cash in PvP (i.e. evidence of Hotwire)
    • Notifications in empire chat of donations, special charging
    • Email verification for account safety
    • Shortened account switching cooldown
    • Bank all option
    • Renovated empire donation process
    • Increased number of leveling promos
    • Faster way to combine LTs
    • Double progress promo (we need a lot more of these)
    • Secret areas released (still need some more)
    • An execution that gives a chance to drop alloy
    • Insignias
    • Chempacks
    • Crate shards
    • Mysterious tokens and faction weapons
    • More available achievements
    • Swapping attack and defense stats
    • Boss filter
    • Updated experience for new accounts including eve training
    • Silver and gold job areas
    • Mini-events/Heists

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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

    A lot of good content and suggestions for EvE Updates here:

    Common Theme:
    - Better rewards for EvE activity / higher tier of play (Legend Rewards should be better than Bronze, Instant EvE bonuses for X people joined)
    - Meatshields / Inactive accounts are a recurring theme (game inactivity >30 days auto remove from empire)
    - better way to manage empire merges / purge inactive empires
    - Scaling / Bonus rewards for early finish EvE (i.e. winning before the timer runs out should be better rewards then winning after a full EvE)
    - Rename a Empire (for a FP cost)
    Probably some other great ideas in those threads as well - all of them are a good read and show how passionate and constructive the community can be
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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

    I also want to bring up another EvE idea that has been around for a long time - 1 hr EvE
    Currently an active player could spend 8hrs a day in EvE (4x 2hr EvE)
    This is a choice of that player (defenders are really hit hard here) but it leads to burn-out / a player base that feels enslaved to the game

    I would propose 1hr EvE
    - Double Class Skills & Passives (demo, attack, etc.)
    - Halve Timers (Player Skills, Token, HP, Nuke, etc.)
    - Double XP and CC

    Proposed an active player could spend 4hrs a day in EvE (4x 1hr EvE)
    With appropriate balance - this should be an even exchange
    - Consider other EvE threads (Upgrades)

    This could be considered a "Quality of Life" Improvement (excluding Upgrades)
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    Re: Content Suggestion Thread 3

    From the Facebook comments, one that I thought was great:

    Devin Manenti "Developers: please put "Character Transfer" menu on Home screen. Thanks!"

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