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Thread: Big Gun confusion

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    Big Gun confusion

    Confused about the Big Gun skill and couldn't find a thread about it so i thought i'd make one myself explaining my confusion.

    Up until recently i thought that Big Gun would increase the splash damage that Bury does. After searching around the wiki for a bit i found out that level 3 Big Gun adds 100% splash damage so with a level 3 bury and level 3 big gun i'd be doing 100% damage to the person i attack and 105% damage to everyone else in the building? If this was the case then you could kill everyone in a building with just a few tokens.

    Alternately Big Gun could increase the damage itself and not Bury so it would be doing 100% more then the 5% Bury does which would mean with a level 3 Big gun and a level 3 Bury i'd do 100% damage to the person i'm attacking and 10% damage to everyone else in the building (minus all other splash increases). If this was the case then Big Gun and all other splash increases would be limited by the 5% since Bury is the only splash skill that Term has.

    Which one is it? I'm a fairly new player and am only at level 2 Term atm so I haven't unlocked Big Gun yet. I have no idea what it does; I could be completely off with both of these. It's not really explained anywhere and the skill is so vague in its description.

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    Re: Big Gun confusion

    The base splash damage with big gun would be 10%
    5% plus (100% of 5) would be 10.

    Don't know how it will effect LT.
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    Re: Big Gun confusion

    Quote Originally Posted by Markz1337 View Post
    Don't know how it will affect LT.
    In the past we wouldn't have gotten a clear description of the math but perhaps there's room for hope these days.

    Reading the description of big gun would make me think that it doubles the splash damage from all sources.

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    Re: Big Gun confusion

    Quote Originally Posted by Finley View Post
    ...i'd be doing 100% damage to the person i attack and 105% damage to everyone else in the building?
    WHAT? Bury does a splash damage of 5%, so the other targets are hit for 5 and not 105%. And when big gun adds 100% of splash damage then it will be doubled for a total of 10%. So u need some more tokens then "a few"

    But yes: I would say it doubles every splash and not just bury. I will try next war though...

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    Re: Big Gun confusion

    Its the smaller of your two choices.

    I have Big Gun x3, so it's 100% increase to splash damage, or 10% splash damage on Bury
    I use 4* Rocket, that's 3.5% increase - so 13.5%
    I use Envy, with Rocket in RH spot - so that's 23% clone of 3.5%, or another .8% for 14.3% Splash damage.

    If I had Morningstar, that would add up also - you probably could get over 20% splash damage total, but that would take some roll luck and investment. Instead, I have been investing on getting my Dozer and Gman starred up for demo dmg.

    I did some calculations earlier this year on what talents to choose. It went a little into what you're asking about.
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