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Thread: Envy + Fleur = ?

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    Envy + Fleur = ?

    Does Envy have any effect on Fleur's ability to gain XP for your classes? Such as...

    w/o Fleur - 200 Stamina = 1xp for Reaper

    w/ Fleur - 100 Stamina = 1xp for Reaper

    w/ Fleur + Envy - ????

    Right now my Fleur is 3*('collect 70% extra class XP for Tier 2 classes) and my Envy is 4*(27%clone)

    So if anyone knows Envy's effect on Fleur gaining class XP, I would sure like to know.

    So please helllllp.
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    Re: Envy + Fleur = ?

    Envy will act just like Fleur, but on the respective %.
    For instance, continuing your example, lets say 1* Envy clones 1%, so it will be:
    99 Stamina = 1xp for Reaper.

    Similar example, with Lady Vice though, but LV has same power, just at bigger %, here:

    I think there is somewhere on the forum a calculation for Envy and Fleur on different stars, but not sure how to find it.

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