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Taking over a inactive empire help
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Thread: Taking over a inactive empire help

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    Taking over a inactive empire help

    I am thinking about trying to just take over a inactive empire in bronze league. I have been playing this game for over three years now and although I don't see my activity decreasing because I love the game, I just want to lay low with my main and mini for awhile just kind of fight low level wars by myself and maybe a couple close friends. Figure just taking over a bronze league empire with some upgrades would be easier then starting a new one and recruiting enough people to start wars, plus there is so many empires as it is might as well recycle them. Well anyways how do I go about becoming a officer in a empire like that?

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    Re: Taking over a inactive empire help

    If you're still in an empire right now, go to Leaders under your empire home screen.

    Set the filters to EvE and lifetime and start going through pages.

    Eventually you will find a 0 member team. Join it and the gold star is yours. This can be hit and miss. Some of the better ones have squatters and one light keeper minding the fort. It can take some patience and digging but you might get lucky if something decent is abandoned.

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    Re: Taking over a inactive empire help

    Also you can join a empire where the leader is dead for a while , contact support about the leader inactivity and get it changed... this is a time consuming process but worth if the emipre is highly upgraded

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    Re: Taking over a inactive empire help

    Tried messaging support and they replied back saying to just create or try out other empires. Oh well worth a shot, I guess I will just create my own and start from scratch. I would think from just looking through all these dead empires they would encourage people trying to recover them. This gave me the idea of how the game could actually start selling some of these empires for people who are interested like myself who really has no intention of building the empire into a strong empire but more of a place that I can play with little stress or obligation have friends in the game come and go as the please, and create a stepping stone for new players to learn on. It gives me the idea that maybe they could start selling these empires to people interested in starting a new one. Maybe instead of 20fp its 30-50fp depending on upgrades of empire. Then maybe they can charge a extra 10fp for a one time empire name change. You could put a time frame on activity on the empires before they go on sale like if no one in the empire has logged on in 3 months it can be sold. I know it would be a nice advantage to be able to have some meat shields and a small amount of upgrades just to start.

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