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Thread: Mexico Job Heist Cost

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    Mexico Job Heist Cost

    This first job for the heist cost me ~2500 energy...are you kidding me? I have 9k energy and can't even get through more than 3 jobs at once. If I'm gonna be a squishy LSI that can't beat anybody even close to my level, should I not benefit from getting through jobs easily? The scaling is dumb.

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    U have a benefit. I have 2200 energy and hardly get through one job. 😜

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    with 1K energy, it cost me $15 to complete the job heist. no complaints. 😎

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    I hit the first job 2 times with my super LSI mini 6kenergy and stopped not worth it I'll take the LTs from westside.

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    Yup. I didn't even bother with job heists too much energy. Was cheaper to do westside for fusion lts.

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    can't get epic shards from westside....

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    Re: Mexico Job Heist Cost

    Give it a rest all the LSIs, you rule the casino and MMB events. You can farm Westside for LTs. These heists are made to even it out for everyone. I have toons ranging from 400E to 1350E and the job heists cost each about 1 refill per job.

    I can spend about 12 refills plus the leveling up to get 10 shards. Or spend those 36 refills in an event for a specific epic. Either way, it's about the same for me for an epic.

    I imagine a 9k E toon doesn't have to spend much during regular events to get the epic LT. The heists aren't cost effective for you, but they are for smaller toons.

    This game needs some kind of balance and I appreciate these heists. I know many other players do too.

    Every build has its positives and negatives. This game generally caters to the LSI, please stop complaining when one or two things don't go your way. They changed the battle list for you, events are for you, dice jobs are for you, do I need to continue?

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