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Thread: Boss laodout

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    Boss laodout


    Quite new here, and in doubt.

    When bossing, what would be better to place in inner cirlce : 1 start (Epic) Black knight (good attack, no specific boss ability), or Miss conduct (critical 5%) but way less attack power? I am still trying here but havent came up with any decent results to make a final decision.

    Hope anyone can give some input here.


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    Re: Boss laodout

    If you play sniper/ heavy in bosses id for sure go conduct for the crits i try to build crit % and crit damage lts in bosses especilly when going gor rampage goals

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    Re: Boss laodout

    Crit and crit damage is best for boss

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    Re: Boss laodout

    I'm with Necrofessor and David

    Plus you can start working on damage-crit chance-crit damage insignias over time as well

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    Re: Boss laodout

    Damage from a crit will outweigh the additional damage from the extra stats on the LT.

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    Re: Boss laodout

    Thanks guys, this helped me out a lot.

    By the way, don't we all love the temporary MExico area XP and money goes like a rocket! Mexico for the win!!

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    Re: Boss laodout

    everyone is Breaking Bad in Méjico

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