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Thread: Stack Envy and Lady Vice?

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    Stack Envy and Lady Vice?

    Why the power of Envy and Lady Vice can not stack? They have the same power of Clone! For example, I want to clone the 10% critical and seat nine stars Envy and Vice. Then I should get 14% more critical chance, rather than 10%!!! It doesn't make sense at all that the power of Envy and Vice cannot stack! Please fix it! Or say it out clearly just like what you did to Viper.

    It is very annoying to find that my 9 star Envy became count for nothing after I spent a lot to get the Vice. The sale of Envy reminds me of this issue.

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    Re: Stack Envy and Lady Vice?

    Consider it this way, if they allow stacking they have to balance every new lt around up to 140% clone or make them uncloneable. That would result in weaker powers or a load of uncloneables.

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    Re: Stack Envy and Lady Vice?

    I think if they allow vice+envy people will start to ask baron+fixer and Duke+poppy.

    Just try to figure.
    80s hit. 160 during event.
    3x from Duke+ 2x Poppy+ 2x Mastermind+2x skull king
    Now imagine Frank proc this hit. Completely break the game.

    I agree that spend a lot to get some lt and don't use it like we want is disappointing but thinking about all the other complains it can generate I agree to keep vice and envy not used together. Just MO.
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    Re: Stack Envy and Lady Vice?

    That would be sooo dope if that happened...I miss my Ipod Touch, had my 2* Frank & 2* Baron on my main iOs acct, was lovely when it proc'd

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