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Thread: Alternative ways to contact support.

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    Alternative ways to contact support.

    Alternative ways to contact support...

    Quote Originally Posted by alexian View Post
    Try these:

    Hit the feedback/dupport button, goes to sketchy website, click on one of problems, need more help then fill the form.

    Or it should be same as:


    Or go here:

    Create an account (you should already have one if you previously sent other in game problems) and describe your problem. Any route you take, the problem should end up here, you just eliminate someone to copy paste from mail to here.

    NOTE: I never had problems with fp buying, I do not know if its best to directly enter problems like this in zendesk compared to sending an email. Duplicating (email + zendesk) the same problem does not necessarily mean it will be solved quicker. It just adds extra work to sort the problems out.

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    Re: Alternative ways to contact support.

    Thank you!! The 2nd option worked!!

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