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RNG sucks!
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Thread: RNG sucks!

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    RNG sucks!

    What am I supposed to do with five Rasputin's Skulls? Can't even get 1 Alpha's hand cannon.

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    Re: RNG sucks!

    Quote Originally Posted by gquest View Post
    what am i supposed to do with five rasputin's skulls? Can't even get 1 alpha's hand cannon.
    ill take 1 off you lol

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    Re: RNG sucks!

    Be good if we can trade items. I have 2 and still missing one part to create the suit

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    Re: RNG sucks!

    ill take 1 and give you steel kraken

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    Re: RNG sucks!

    I'd kill for an Ice Sword...I have 2 Earth, 3 Wind & 6 Fire Swords...for real gaea, if u need someone knocked off, I'll do it for an Ice Sword...

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    RNG is BS

    It's made it so discouraging I don't feel like finishing my dailies went,

    i keep on getting one of the same drop to build the new bosses phone

    I have almost 100 broken phones and 1-3 of the other part, ridicules

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    Re: RNG is BS

    No RNG there, it is on purpose

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Duke View Post
    - Why do I always get same stuff?
    - Once the feature came out, your receiving mode has been determined. Which means you have 80% chance to receive 1 of the 5 and 20% chance to the other four. It is gonna be teamwork instead of acting alone.


    I have a friend who just randomly sends them away. Makes good on the morale.

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    Re: RNG is BS

    That's not RNG, it was designed to where your character has an 80% chance to get one drop, and 5% for each of the other four. It was meant to be a team/social thing to construct the boss. Chat with your empire mates and allies to trade for parts you need. My main is broken phones, my mini is SIM cards, my other empire mates take care of boxes, books and batteries for me and we put up the boss pretty frequently.

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    Re: RNG is BS

    I send all my primary part drops from minis to my main acct. I have 2 phones on them and I send parts out like Santa Claus.

    I'm not a fan of that boss in the slightest so I don't see myself even using the phones that I have for myself. Last one I just spawned for someone else. I won't be grinding that thing unless I end up with a LV and need that new gun that can be built with shadow alloy. (Not sure when that showed up there)

    RNG isn't the issue in this case at least.

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