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Suggestion - Additional empire info
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Thread: Suggestion - Additional empire info

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    Suggestion - Additional empire info

    I mentioned this briefly once before in another thread but figured I would formalize the suggestion and see about getting the community input here.

    I would like to see another sliding pane when you bring up an empire description that shows current build completion progress. Not for whatever current upgrade worked on specifically but overall, how complete your upgrades currently total. I understand that these would drop down for everyone when new upgrades release but those who were at 100% could track their progress against others while building back up to it. The math is already there because the donation button breaks down each prioritized item already. Have it omit anything requiring empire drops placeholders and calculate the whole of the completed Empire upgrades into a % and display it for all to see.

    One of the reasons I think this would help overall is it would quantify the amount needed and roughly how healthy an empire is in terms of upgrades. I lead a middle-pack empire and I can't tell you how often someone suggests that we abandon and join them while they are visibly billions behind in upgrades but have had better luck recruiting bigger toons. These less developed empires with 1/3 of our activity can be adamant that the upgrades are insignificant in the big picture. They have 3 level 2k+, we do not and that is what they quantify their empire worth upon. 3 toons that for anyone knows could up and leave them tomorrow. It would be nice to have the visible bragging rights of knowing that you have surpassed part of the "old guard" in some instances. This could even be a consideration for new recruits when they view your empire.

    A trophy case of maxed upgrades would be nice too upon this slide. With the bigger donation achievements and those who are a bit compulsive about completing those as fast as possible might be sitting on a hoard of concrete blocks or steel beams that they wish to unload in a hurry. This could provide them that info in a hurry and at a glance. "Max shadow broker and philanthropists, but no max building health and I have a lot of concrete blocks I could dump and boost with shadow tokens."

    3rd part of the slide could be similar to the personal stats folder that recently appeared in 3 separate places (not sure why we need 3 ways to get to it...). This would be a breakdown of average total battle points in a match spanning the past week or so covering all the slots played. A 4 war empire would have local war times displayed and a number to show the health of particular slots, or have it utilize the dots that are for internal individual activity. (High activity average in the slot could have a green dot, medium an orange one, low activity being red. The blue dots could be used for new empires or newly opened time slots without enough tracking data.).

    This would allow people to make informed decisions when choosing where to go next. Some would be big on high activity, some would cruise around looking for the highest upgrades with a low activity slot so they can have an opportunity to grind their CC with leaderboard bonuses better.

    I think this information could play well into the whole revamp of the new player experience. Instead of a random sampling of empires to join, they could filter what they see by activity, or upgrade completion and make informed decisions rather than just choosing one off the list and hoping it pans out. Often a first empire experience can determine whether someone adopts the game. I'm suggesting utilizing some math that is already there in the background to allow them to make an informed decision instead of blind firing into that empire with a single active or too expensive on a daily basis for their growth.

    Alright, I've done my part. Now I ask the rest of you to either pick it apart or add to it.

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    Re: Suggestion - Additional empire info

    Could alter EvE strategy if you know the enemy upgrades.

    Need the possibility of empire renaming to facilitate mergers. Better yet, some sort of "fusion".

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