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Thread: Lt. Ki bait and switch

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    Lt. Ki bait and switch

    I've requested my favor points back and have been refused 3 times by customer service at gaea. It's not morally acceptable to sell someone a bicycle for the price of a Harley, then when the mistake is caught, just scratch out the word Harley and write in bicycle. "Sorry for the inconvenience" I've already spent more on this game than any mobile game or console game ever. I will never spend another cent in it. I don't have the money to throw into this game like some folks, so when you steal $20 worth of favor points from me it really hurts. You make enough off us already. It wouldn't hurt your profits any to make this right. It will hurt your profits, however minutely, to continue to apologize for the inconvenience instead of fixing the problem. The problem wasn't just a display issue. The display issue was the cause of the problem. You have yet to fix the problem...
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    RE: Lt. Ki bait and switch

    This is handled by support and not on forums. You can email Admins (as i said in PM). Thread left open for Forum Admin/ Developer comment if they can.

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