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Ace does not seem to be working.
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Thread: Ace does not seem to be working.

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    Ace does not seem to be working.

    Ok so I gave it a few wars now to see how Ace would do, and all that has happened is my health goes down.
    I will start with demo:
    I have had her proc a dozen or so times while hitting a building, each time saying "you sacrificed x amount of health...." (don't remember the entire message, but saying my damage increased, more or less). Out of all those times, my damage has gone up 0. Now my hits aren't anything crazy (100-140 depending on dam mit), but I would still think I would see some sort of increase when she procs.

    Now for player hitting:
    I decided to test her on weak toons in an armory basement, and here were my results - took 18 hits to finally proc once (RNG... whatever). When she finally proc'ed, I hit somebody around my level, and lost. The proc message said "you sacrificed 234 health and damaged the player for 234 health" (again, not verbatim). However, the damage it showed above was 60, and his health only went down by 60. Checked warlog, and it also showed only 60 damage.
    Target had no armor, and all I can think is she just flat out isn't working (for me at least)

    I wish I had screenshotted, but sadly did not. I will next war though.
    Anybody tested and had a different experience?

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    Re: Ace does not seem to be working.

    My Ace works fine(boss, hit player, demo), and she is really great(I have 10k hp in war)

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