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Thread: Black market shop

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    Black market shop

    So Devs/Admins,
    I would like to ask question, as well as an surgestion. will we ever get a favor point shop for the uncommon lieutenants we missed during our careers in grinding.
    I understand people may be against this due to there commitments but i have played underworld on and off for the past 3 yrs. and at the time was unemployed due to age and would like the opportunity to gain my missed efforts,

    I feel an improved black market shop can help the players to experment with diffrent builds, most uncommon have a rare/epic counter part. So the player/customer can buy crates knowing what they want and striving for. Profit for both parties.

    Now in no way are uncommon lieutenants game changing in anyway but they allow alot for us.

    The shop can still have there 16x cap just have a little 00/16 to signal the cap. Same as lt levels in our lieutenant tab. Still charge the 30FP or even 35 for 30 being an early special whatever. This way all you have as a buisness perspective is profit as people will want them they missed and even buy a full 16, have a level restriction as normal.
    You could even be fancy and add the items aswell as if u touch the LT brings up a mini buy shop
    I know this has been mentioned times before but i havent seen it in awhile and though i would bring it up considering admins are active alot more and actually taking onboard constructive feedback with Gaea.
    Also I posted this here as generally this is the most active section. As for others opinion or imput.

    So Devs/Admins, and public what would you think?

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    Re: Black market shop

    I'd like to see the BM rotate one of the old LTs every 3-7 days and maybe bring back one of their items every now and then. Like you said, uncommons are by no means gamechangers. If anything, they exist for fun to just let us test out different builds or try a new class. It would be nice to see the BM LTs be more attainable by choice rather than having to roll crates for them.

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    Re: Black market shop

    +1 to this!

    I got deployed to Afghanistan a month after I started this game. I gave my phone to my wife and said "here, press this, this and this button 1 time a day while I'm gone".
    Needless to say, I came back, and was around level 300, and had missed all of those LTs and the items for them.

    Wish I could go back and just tell her to leave it alone, since I don't even have Dozer as a level 4 Term..

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