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    Is a mini still a mini if its stronger then your main?

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    In other philosophy questions, what if you look for age (time of play)?

    Personally I still consider my oldest toon my main. Its just the toon that I invested most in (time and emotions).

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    Re: Minis

    Lol mate thats deep,

    But really.. I always think that your starting/oldest toon your main and for whatever reason (sentimental, time, money etc) you still can't get rid of it no matter how bad it is compared to the other account lol

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    Re: Minis

    Stop calling it a mini and call it an alt

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    Re: Minis

    Quote Originally Posted by Xcali1985 View Post
    Stop calling it a mini and call it an alt
    Yeah... there becomes a time when a mini graduates to an alt. I have a main, alt and mini. Mini will be 2nd alt soon.

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