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Thread: new information isnt posted on forum

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    new information isnt posted on forum

    i hate that they now post new things about this game on facebook and leave forums out .
    whenever a new crate was released we had a developer make a post and explain every effect but on new crate we didnt .
    facebook has a noob lazy admin and the info there is poor .

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum

    Social Media managers are often someone completely different than forum admins. Not sure if that is the case here or not.

    I'm not mad at it though, the Facebook AMA has had more response than I have seen here in a while. It's nice to see the community interacting.

    That said, I am somewhat surprised that they weren't timed to coincide with one another. The previous owners neglected their social media following almost altogether. This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully we'll see both happen at simultaneously once process smooths out. I only started lurking here when I couldn't find any answers there.

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum

    Afraid i cannot reply or write comments on their facebook.

    The replies are one or too brief half arsed replies.

    Nobody is delving deeper than what is best for themselfs. We need important directions, changes and improvements to the game play as a whole than just individuals asking for things to help them.

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum

    Nerv is right. The AMA sounded a lot like everyone except Quaranj asking for a pony.

    I still like people, though.
    Just a bit analytical.

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum

    Posting on forum has to make more sense and FB should be as a promotional tool.

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum


    Hate fb-only announcements. Alienates this long-time player

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    Re: new information isnt posted on forum

    +1 . I prefer forums over the FB. Though I understand FB is needed. Anyway information should be in the forums too. Plus bring back the regular news updates. Do them once a month or so. Also give more info on new and existing lieutenants powers.

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