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Thread: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

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    Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    I honestly check Line hourly and Facebook weekly

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    Thanks for this!

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    That looked like something from samurai warrior or dynasty warrior game or yakuza playstation game. Which wasn't bad, as long as their skill was interesting lol

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    can anyone update it here, not a FB used (i'm naive)

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulu View Post

    I honestly check Line hourly and Facebook weekly
    I'd check line too, if I knew where to look. Which group(s) do you check? If you'd rather PM than say, or just not say, that's cool.
    Just a bit analytical.

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    As far as I know, Line groups work by invite, you cannot search for them manually. There should be rooms for each class, rooms for bosses, for pulls... just ask where you want and someone should send you an invite.
    I don't know about the activity there, though, as I am in no rooms since several months (the class specific rooms were pretty active)

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    Alright slackers, come have some fun with us

    zg-cthulu is my Line ID Please do not openly post your own information however, personal privacy is still important (see forums FAQ). It is possible to search for me via my Line ID and then we can find some nice groups for you.

    Hmm... some folks may not be used to the app...
    Last edited by Cthulu; 05-27-2017 at 03:31 AM. Reason: added disclaimer about being careful with sharing

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    Re: Yamaguchi Facebook Post

    Sooo, just a reminder - these are the forum FAQs:

    And in lieu of a problematic post on Line on the forums - feel free to private message me or find me on Line. I and many others would be happy to help and share.

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