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Thread: Can someone help explain...?

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    Can someone help explain...?

    Why was Mako (my team mate) killed?

    If it matters any, I am in 3, they are in 7.

    Other team did not have a Mako of their own.

    This isn't the first time I have seen this but it is the 1st time it hadn't scrolled out by the time I verified our team mate was in fact dead.

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    Re: Can someone help explain...?

    I've seen it happen when someone is burning from napalm or flamethrower and dies when someone just happens to be attacking.

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    Re: Can someone help explain...?

    I don't know if it still applies now days, but this is the "carry over message" that I was mentioning in the super power thread.
    When Flamethrower and Burn was introduced and after a bit of tweeks, the "wounded" and "killed" messages remained displayed, being attached to the most recent mesaage.
    So, if the bug (not big impacting, though) is still present, Mako was killed by Burn (or Napalm) effect. No other ideea.

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    Re: Can someone help explain...?

    Just wondering, were you attacking becacuse that could explain why it perceived the fatal blow to be dealt by you because it probably saved your name as a global variable and stuck it right in place of napalm like everyone is saying. That is my idea, so pretty much all it is, is a bug and you aren't actually doing the damage.

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