So this may seem like an odd topic, but I was curious why there are so many new accounts who do almost nothing, and stick to level 7 forever.

I noticed this when I started a new toon and built a new empire, just to see what it's like building one from the ground up.

One of the things I do is to remove any red dots under level 50 once a week, to allow new blood, and hopefully get actives. This brings me to the meat and potatoes of this thread:
No longer out from a day after booting those 20-30 toons, I am at my max of 60 again. The next week, I'd say 95% of those new toons have not moved from level 7.

This happens every single week. Are there really that many people who download UE, make a toon with a name of Chinese characters/jumble of incoherent letters, join an empire, then quit?

This has confused me for months now since I started this little project.